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I heard that Adam Curry worked for MTV, before he started on this podcasting.
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I've always viewed the Daily Source Code as a sort of news outlet
concerning podcasting and what Podshow's up to but he so often referrs
to his "no damn announcements" that amount to nothing but meaningless
teasers.  I think if a promo is done right, it can be a lot more
informative than some of the ones I've been hearing lately.  It's still
a good "jumping off place" for new comers to the podcast scene.  But I
wonder if he isn't doing more self indulgence lately.

On Thu, Sep 29, 2005 at 06:03:53AM -0600, JULIE MELTON wrote:

I think you're right.  I find myself fast forwarding through a lot of it

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> I don't know if this is off topic or not, but is anyone else getting
> really
> tired of listening to the daily source code? It seems like more and > more
> there's no substance its just fluff. It used to be interesting because
> you
> could hear about different podcasts etc, but now all it seems to be is
> promos, but he doesn't really talk about the podcasts. Its hard to get > a
> feel for podcast with just a promo. It seems the only podcasts he > talks
> about are ones he's either directly or indirectly involved with. We > also
> get to hear about biodesil, which I guess was interesting 2 months
> ago. Now the latst thing is that he can't even be bothered to do his > own
> show notes, and also can't be bothered to pay for internet access.
> I don't know, maybe I'm just looking for things but lately I've just
> struggled to listen. I just needed to rant a bit.
> Holly
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