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I think there's all kinds of styles of show notes out there.  I gladly
include <a href=...> links in there so people can click on them directly
from my blog entries.  This is actually required if I play music from
the Podsafe Music Network.  What I do for sake of ease is to edit a
plain text file on my local machine and type in the free form text and
include whatever links I want and I even paste in the long ones such as
what comes from the band links from the PMN site:).  Since I've been
playing a series of songs in my latest shows, I create a standare HTML
unordered list for the song titles and another list for the artist
links.  I then finish up with a "click here" link pointing to my MP3;
this fulfills two purposes: a direct link for someone to listen to the
specific show and for Word Press to scrape off the link and create an
enclosure element for the RSS feed.

So to make a long answer short, I include HTML freely in my posts to my
blog and Word Press can handle it just fine.  Oh, I said I do all this
in a local file.  Well, then I can either e-mail it to my blog or I can
select the entire contents in my text editor and paste the whole thing
into the edit box on the blog and "Bam!" it's in there and my podcast
goes live right away.  Frankly, I find it much easier to edit text in my
editor rather than a single edit box on a web form.

On Fri, Jan 20, 2006 at 01:09:29PM -0500, Stephen Guerra wrote:
> In creating show notes, when in the edit box, if I use html coding in
> the field, should it save as links when someone reads them that they
> will be able to click on the link?
> What is the best formate to keep in mind when creating show notes
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