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  • From: John Gasman <jjgassman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 06:46:35 -0800

I am having an accessibility problem and I'm going to ask that if anybody has an idea as to how to solve it, please write me off list.
I have a new Disney CD containing Jim Brickman's great piano music of various disney songs.
One track features Wayne Brady in a video singing a beautiful song from the Cinderella Movie.
No matter what I do this track always comes up in Flash 7.0.
I've tried getting into the menus to shut Flash off and to bring it up in Windows Media player so I can hear all of the tracks. My girlfriend has also tried it with a mouse but to no effect.
We can't even get into the menus. I've used the PC and JAWS cursors and no speech.
Every time we try and bring it up in Windows Media Player, it starts in Flash 7.
I know there is a way to shut flash off because my other trainer friends at disney use the CD as backround music in class and can access all tracks.
If you have a suggestion please write me off list.

John Gassman
Recognition Of The Problem is 51% Of The Solution

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