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Wow, here i thought i'd join this list and be the only one asking basic
questions. i'm wrong and i'm glad! I discovered the world of podcasting
about 2 months ago and am tossing around doing my own. They would most
certainly fall in to the less than professionally done catagory as all I
have is a little taperecorder thogugh I have a good quality mike. anyway my
question has anyone used I'd like to know how accessible it
is, and if I need another blog in addition to anything I may set up there.
Like JarredI also have a livejournal but its just the free acount.

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> Hi all,
>          So I['ve been thinking about how I was to do this.  Someone,
> I think it was Jeff said that I would need an RSS feed of some sort
> like live journal or something.  Now, nothing is on
> which I use for helpers of the project I
> work for called Code Amber and I have an idea for a podcast for the
> project.  I see in Cpannel this word press.  Do I install it on
> on its main directory?  I also want to put it up on
> the web as well.  Maybe I'm confused and don't know what I'm
> doing?  I do have a live journal
> if that helps.
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