all these supposed problems with Juice may not actually BE the fault of Juice

  • From: Jennifer Sutton <jensutton@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 06:45:59 -0500


I've changed the subject line since my comments are broad.

As Jared suggested, you should use the spacebar on a particular file that you already have in order to mark it to be skipped, although if you do as I suggested and move them, episodes you already have should show as removed.

I must put out a warning regarding Steven's earlier suggestion of deleting folders under "my received podcasts." From my experience, if you destroy the file structure that Juice (or I suspect ipodder) creates, you risk the whole program's becoming corrupted.

Move files, I suggest, rather than deleting folders. Or you can just copy whole folders, and then "select all" and delete, within "my received podcasts."

If you delete folders, then Juice has nothing to hang its hat on, and you may be required to import your feeds again and start afresh. I know whereof I speak, here, since I had to do it once, and once was a-plenty.

people configure their feeds not to have any episodes skipped, so if you do have to start again, you may have to go through and manually mark episodes. as skipped if you have them, or have heard them. This isn't Juice's fault, it's an issue of feed configuration, as far as I've been able to tell.

And for the people who keep experiencing repeated downloads, while this may be a problem with Juice, I often have found it's more of a problem with people's feeds not working right, their having edited or redirected them, their having made changes on their site, etc.

Juice cannot really think; it can only analyze what the RSS feed gives it.

I see a lot of people in the blind community blaming Juice when, I believe, Juice may be behaving as expected, even if/when some people's back-ends on sites aren't. As I've said, Juice's behavior is governed by how people have their feeds configured. And, though I may not have this exactly right, it seems to have some sort of database that retains "markers" and such. If that gets corrupted, as may have happened when people upgraded (if they didn't follow the steps and such), then Juice gets very confused.

Also, your ISP may time out, or the podcaster's site may time out, during a download. That's not Juice's fault, and sometimes, although it tries, it doesn't always succeed in resuming a download. Juice's not perfect, but it's a lot more stable than other app.s with which I work. I'm totally baffled by why people would have downgraded to an older version, but, as I said, perhaps something got corrupted during your efforts to upgrade. I find the newest version is more stable, and it has some handy new features.

For my money, we'd all be in much better shape if big mainstream companies made software as accessible, solid, and predictable as Juice is.

Good luck to everyone.


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