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  • From: Steve Holmes <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 10:09:46 -0700

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Sure, go to

I pretty much stuck with the default formats and haven't customized
things much yet.  The configuration options are all set via menus within
the administrative section.  You go to the Fantastico section of
Ultrahost's control panel and install wordpress from their blogging
choices.  It may seem tedious at first to get all the options just right
for best results but it is easy enough to change things if you need to
later.  Some of the options have to do with your time zone, whether or
not public users can post comments to your blog, or if registration is
necessary, etc.  You can also set up categories and all but I haven't
done that yet.  I mainly use the blog tool to support my RSS feed and
then can use it to post my shownotes and my podcast enclosures.

Oh, you can also post blog entries including links to your podcast
enclosures via e-mail to the blog tool.

If you wanna discuss things in more detail, feel free to e-mail me off
list at the address at the top of my note here.

On Mon, Apr 24, 2006 at 09:00:39AM -0700, Shannon Reece wrote:
> Steve, this is an interesting observation.  I have never looked at WordPress
> as a blogging tool and I've been reluctant to try to install it, and yes I
> do use UltraHost.  I do respect and understand your comment about editing by
> hand an .xml or rss file and making unintentional errors.  This is why I
> wanted to pose these questions so I could try to find the best solution
> because I am in no way ready but nor am I in a hurry.  *If* I do it, I want
> to do it right and fairly easily.
> May I ask you please for the address of your blog so that I may look at it?
> And does Word press have some sort of tutorial, or is it menu driven?  I
> really know nothing about it.
> Thank you for any thoughts.
> Shannon
> From: "Steve Holmes" <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > Hash: RIPEMD160
> >
> > May I discourage you from going down that path? Yes, it is interesting
> > to poke inside RSS feeds and I welcome you to look around but to edit an
> > RSS feed by hand every time you put up a new show is just flat out a bad
> > idea and very error proned.  And once errors are introduced into your
> > RSS feed, then people can't get your shows.  If you are using Ultra Host
> > or one of those who have Word Press, I would incourage you to go there.
> > It is actually quite easy to use and your RSS feeds will be clean and
> > your listeners would have uninterrupted service.  It is actually quite
> > easy to post blog entries and all you have to do to include an audio
> > file for your show's enclosure is create a stand <a href=...> element in
> > your blog entry and you posted a show.  The files and blog space are all
> > stored under your disk storage quotaa.  The SQL databases that store
> > your Word Press blog entries are small enough.
> >
> > So go for it; WordPress blogging is the best way to post podcasts.
> > That's what I do at the holmesgrown podcast.  It also automatically
> > pings ping-o-matic for me so my feedburner feed automatically updates
> > for me too.  I could get rid of feedburner altogether but just haven't
> > gotten around to it.  So my show could easily be fetched either from
> > feedburner or directly from my WordPress RSS feed:).
> >

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