WordPress, was xml files

  • From: "Shannon Reece" <bookworm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 09:00:39 -0700

Steve, this is an interesting observation.  I have never looked at WordPress
as a blogging tool and I've been reluctant to try to install it, and yes I
do use UltraHost.  I do respect and understand your comment about editing by
hand an .xml or rss file and making unintentional errors.  This is why I
wanted to pose these questions so I could try to find the best solution
because I am in no way ready but nor am I in a hurry.  *If* I do it, I want
to do it right and fairly easily.
May I ask you please for the address of your blog so that I may look at it?
And does Word press have some sort of tutorial, or is it menu driven?  I
really know nothing about it.
Thank you for any thoughts.
From: "Steve Holmes" <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hash: RIPEMD160
> May I discourage you from going down that path? Yes, it is interesting
> to poke inside RSS feeds and I welcome you to look around but to edit an
> RSS feed by hand every time you put up a new show is just flat out a bad
> idea and very error proned.  And once errors are introduced into your
> RSS feed, then people can't get your shows.  If you are using Ultra Host
> or one of those who have Word Press, I would incourage you to go there.
> It is actually quite easy to use and your RSS feeds will be clean and
> your listeners would have uninterrupted service.  It is actually quite
> easy to post blog entries and all you have to do to include an audio
> file for your show's enclosure is create a stand <a href=...> element in
> your blog entry and you posted a show.  The files and blog space are all
> stored under your disk storage quotaa.  The SQL databases that store
> your Word Press blog entries are small enough.
> So go for it; WordPress blogging is the best way to post podcasts.
> That's what I do at the holmesgrown podcast.  It also automatically
> pings ping-o-matic for me so my feedburner feed automatically updates
> for me too.  I could get rid of feedburner altogether but just haven't
> gotten around to it.  So my show could easily be fetched either from
> feedburner or directly from my WordPress RSS feed:).

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