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  • Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2007 14:15:12 -0600

Hello Debra,

    Stereo Mix is Checked. My problem now is to mute a condenser microphone
installed on this system. I thought the mute for it was on the monitor, but
a sighted friend of mine didn't find one. I'm not sure where the setting is
to mute it. The mic setting in Windows Volume Control is muted but the
microphone is still active. If I unmute it a feedback festival begins. If I
can just shut up the mic and assuming Stereo Mix is doing what it should I
should be ready to go. Do you know what the Other-Line-In2 is used for?
Thanks for your help.

Peter Donahue

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Peter, I have the same sound card as you do.  Use the stereo mix.

Debra Hernstrom

At 11:11 PM 1/6/2007, you wrote:
>Good evening again,
>My computer is an HP Pavilion Desktop with a Realtek AC97 Audio sound card.
>My monitor also has a condenser microphone installed that I need to figure
>out how to turn off so the sound can be recorded directly from other audio
>sources. They're all checked. I just need to figure out what's going on
>What You Hear. I thought that setting was a Microsoft thing and not
>to a particular sound card. Thanks for the enlightenment. If I can just
>up that mic I'll be in business. Even with Mic volume  muted in Volume
>Control whenever I try to record from an audio  source other than the
>microphone using Sound Forge 5.0 the sound I hear is from the microphone
>not from the CD player, line-in, or other audio sources. More suggestions
>will be very much appreciated for solving this one.
>Peter Donahue
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>That could be that option. The What you hear is in Sound Blaster sound
>cards. The Turtle Beach models have the stereo mix option. What kind of
>sound card you have? Take care and God bless.
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>Subject: What You Hear in XP Home
>Good evening everyone,
>     I'm wanting to record audio from all devices on our computers and need
>to activate the, "What You Hear" Option in Windows XP Home Edition SP2. I
>looked for the item in the Recording Volume Options in the Volume Controls
>Property Sheet, but don't find it anywhere. Someone told me that the
>for activating What You Hear in XP Home is the same as it was in Windows
>While I don't find What You Hear listed there's an option called
>Other/Line-In 2. Is this the same as What You Hear under Windows 98? I need
>to digitize some audio from old cassette tapes to .MP3 Format so being able
>to set this thing is important. Your help will be very much appreciated.
>Peter Donahue
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