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Hi There. I don't know windows XP but I do own Windows 98 se. Now, I am not
sure if you are picking the correct option or not. Only trial an error may
solve your problem. Now ifyou are trying to digitize cassettes from a tape
deck, I'd suggest line in because you have the advantage of being able to
use JAWS or whatever speech program you have to start and stop recording
without worrying about the speech interfering with the recording.

Next: I will give you a brief description of how I access Windows 98.
 Press insert f 11 to go to system's tray, select volume, then open volume
control. Alternatively you could select programs menu, accessories, then
entertainment, then volume.

 Press the alt key, till you find properties. Press enter, then you'll hear
the name of  your sound card, mine is sb live. Press tab till you hear the
radio button playback settings, then press down arrow to change the radio
button to recording settings. Press enter. Now, there is a list view you can
look at and use space bar to select and unselect what is shown. Just press
okay button and leave the list view alone. Then up comes a dialog that says
what you hear, with a check box you either check or uncheck. You go through
the list of stuff till  you find what you want, in this case if you hear the
what you hear option then make sure the box is checked with the volume being
set to 100%. There you are. Close the window with alt f 4. Now That's all. I
should also add that in this list view that you have when you select
recording settings has various things your sound card can record, look
through that list view and if you find what you hear, then press space bar
on that option and you'll see it in the list of check boxes after selecting
okay. Does anything I say make sense? Does anything I say confuse you? Did I
do a good job of explaining or a bad one or so so? Please let Me Know. Hope
all works out. I record tapes on my machine for my friends as .mp3 files and
no a little bit on how to do it, but I am not professional. Peace Out! From
Max the one strange dude!

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> Good evening everyone,
>     I'm wanting to record audio from all devices on our computers and need
> to activate the, "What You Hear" Option in Windows XP Home Edition SP2. I
> looked for the item in the Recording Volume Options in the Volume Controls
> Property Sheet, but don't find it anywhere. Someone told me that the
> for activating What You Hear in XP Home is the same as it was in Windows
> While I don't find What You Hear listed there's an option called
> Other/Line-In 2. Is this the same as What You Hear under Windows 98? I
> to digitize some audio from old cassette tapes to .MP3 Format so being
> to set this thing is important. Your help will be very much appreciated.
> Peter Donahue

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