RE: What Could I Be Doing Wrong

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You may want to include either the feed url or the podcast web site in an
email so that we can test it.

I have had glitches once in a while with Juice.  For instance, recently I
had two different podcasts
The New York Minute Show and
Fly With Me
Episodes go in to one single folder.  I also noticed at one point that The
New York Minute Show also showed the "no episodes found" even though there
were episodes.

As a first step, I will delete both feeds, and delete both podcast content
folders, and then resubscribe to both podcasts and hope evreything syncs
back up and works properly.  

But if you send the feed url or web site I can try the Tuesday podcast and
see if I get the same error.



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Hello, All,

        A few days ago I wrote that I have not seen any Tuesday Replay
podcasts since I subscribed.  All I see in the subscription page
is:  "No episodes found."

Others wrote that they have gotten podcasts from this source with no

I wonder what I'm doing wrong.

If anyone has any suggestions would you please let me know your thoughts?

Thanks, as always, in advance.



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