Website on blindness, the social model of blindness and the arts

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  • Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 12:30:34 +0100

Could you please let your list members know of an established website on the
topic of blindness, the social model of blindness and the arts. I am also
requesting input or links to articles from any list members, who would like
them to find a wider distribution.

"ECO: On Blindness and the Arts ( is a
not-for-profit website for people who work with or study this issue, or who
have an intellectual interest in unconventional arts, access or disability –
although it does not ally itself with the disability rights movement. It is
an electronic resource to introduce you to the ideas behind this topic. It
is also the beginnings of an on-line library on this subject.

As an electronic resource, Eco is accessible to people with disabilities. It
has academic researches, simple explanations and news. It is practical and

Organisations, Education and Information

Eco links to significant resources in this field, including Toronto
University’s online degree notes for its psychology course PSYC54 Cognition
and Representation, which introduces the psychology of non-visual perception

This material represents some of the best contributions and networks in
Europe and North America. However, we also need links to other organisations
which enhance what we have and improve this resource. The email address of
the editor for these links is given at the top of this page. Thank you in
advance for your help, and I hope this site proves useful to you.

Contributors Wanted

Eco has been given permission by writers and academics such as John Hull,
John Kennedy, Oliver Sacks, Thomas Nagel and Charles Spence to link to
relevant papers and their websites. We have also been given permission to
link to news events from Lisa Yayla’s Accessible Images web list.

We would, however, also like to distribute other papers, reproductions of
art designed for blind and visually impaired people (particularly sound
art), and audio descriptions of art. We invite you to email copies of
articles or resources not in copyright (AS PDFs or MP3s ONLY, please), or
preferably links of materials - particularly those in copyright — to the
editor at the email address below. We are also looking for reviewers for
submitted articles and audio-describers. The reviewers should preferably be
experienced in the field of psychology, education or the arts. Again, if you
would like to volunteer to review articles, please email the address below.

Simon Hayhoe, Editor of ECO"


Dr Simon Hayhoe

Editor, ECO: On blindness and the arts
Leicester, UK

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