Warning - removal from the list if this continues

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Mac, thank you so much for this message.  I am going to say this again, this
topic is now "off limits" and anyone that continues to post on the topic
will be removed from the list.  If you want to continue this then do it in
private emails or on your blog.  I have received a significant number of
people who have left the list due to this ongoing topic and I want this list
to return to its original intent, that being the support of podcasting.
Enough is enough everyone.

I am not trying to be mean or anything folks, I just want us to get back on


Jeff Bishop
A sad list owner

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Anyone remember what Quincy Jones said, when the musicians were filing
through the portal, to rehearse and record " We Are The World", so many
years ago?  He said "Check Your Egos At The Door"; that's what every side of
this benefit music issue should do, as no one is totally right and no one is
totally wrong!  If your living depends upon music, whether or not you
perform it or you just play it back, for someone else to hear, you all need
to try to get along with each other and keep your rude opinions to
yourselves or off list.  Jerry Halliton is not wrong and Darrell Shandro is
not wrong and neither is Jonathan Mosen.  Don't let pecuniary pursuits drive
this conversation!

"Check Your Egos at The Entrance ...(add something relevant at the end of
this line) .

Happy Holidays (The politically Correct way to say Merry Christmas and Happy
New Year),

Mac Norins 

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