Re: Warning: Unauthorised Jaws beta

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  • Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2006 21:44:34 -0700

I've sent it to several who are in charge at FS,people I deal with on a daily basis.
I don't know that they can do anything, but I thought they should know that someone is misrepresenting them.
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Amen to that! I've let them know this thing's going on, so fingers crossed.
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Oh great! I hope FS will find him/her out and prosecute this dip sh ... out Take care.
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Subject: Warning: Unauthorised Jaws beta

Just to warn everyone in case this turns up elsewhere in the blind community. Don't go near a supposed beta release of Jaws 7.1 on

The link to this was sent in a fake e-mail to the blindcooltech list tonight. It purports to come from a member of the list, but the mail headers are clearly not genuine. The sender is some kind of crank with a thing about blind people or blindcooltech, or both.

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