Voice Broadcasting Tutorial availability

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Hello List!

For quite a while, I have had a shoutcast server running and juse it quite a 
bit to play MP3 and other files.  Now, I would someday like to broadcast live 
in voice and need to know how this is done, specificially from a tutorial on 
the subject.

I have Sam Broadcaster and an older version of OTSDJ, along with Winamp; 
however, I have found Sam Broadcaster almost impossible to use due to its 
accessability problems and I can't get Otsdj reactivated after my machine was 
reset with a new OS; therefore I am stuck with Winamp for the time being.  I 
downloaded and installed the Linerec Plug-in.  I saw something on ACB Radio 
describing how to do this with the plug-in, but I can never get it to work or 
sound smooth.  

What I am looking for is a step-by-step tutorial, with examples, how to work 
this plug-in with Winamp and actually do a little broadcasting using Winamp, 
both talking and playing music.  I guess this would also include some tutorial 
info on Winamp.  

I have the server and connectability of the server and my system set up.  I 
just want a good tutorial on broadcasting.  I know most of the ACB people use 
Winamp and the linerec plug-in or Otsdj, so hopefully someone can help me do 
this.  Just a step-by-step text instruction would do as well.  I have all the 
equipment I need to do this and am just waiting on the instructions or tutorial 
to teach me how to do it.  Thanks very much for your time and help.

Also, if someone knows of a program (autimated) or system that a person could 
just install and have everything there.  Would a system like VIPConduit, 
Talking Communities, or any other similar service be use for broadcasting?  
Sort of a already put-together studio with everything from server connection to 
playing commercials, etc in a box.  That would make broadcasting in voice and 
playing music easy.  If such a thing exist, do let me know.  I'm ready to get 

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