Re: Two new podcasts.

  • From: "John Moore" <coasterfreak88@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 16:13:24 -0500

Copying me now Shane? Lol jk. I'm trying next week, yet again. The
batteries keep dying on me. Well I won't record the Confirmation class
tonight, so hopefully that will cut down. Hopefully it will be there
next Sunday.

On 4/16/08, Shane Jackson <jack728@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello, all.  There are now two podcasts up on the BlindWorld Podcast
> feed.  One is of relevance to this list, and it concerns switching to
> the Macintosh.  It is also a rambling podcast that I did while I made
> lunch and did some laundry.  The other one, in case the Christians on
> the list are interested, concerns a church service that I recorded.
> It concerns a missionary telling about the organization which she
> represents, and it is quite interesting, for sure.  Check out either
> or both.  Thanks so much!!!
> Shane Jackson
> Vestavia Hills, Alabama, USA.
> Email:  jack728@xxxxxxxxx
> Skype ID:  cadal728

John Moore

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