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Why don't you send the link for this place please

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Hi folks,
A while back I heard mention of a place to get high quality mics alled Giant
Squid Audio Lab.
I checked out the site, just did a google search for it.
I downloaded a few of their demos and read the site a bit.
Because they're inexpensive, I thought I'd start with the "gold plated mono
This is a mic with no cord. You simply plug this mini jack in to the line in
or mic in of your recorder. It works great for the iriver ifp units.
Built in to the other end of this little mini plug there is a mono omni
directional microphone.

What can I say. It works great!
It's a mono mic, so it's best to set your iriver on mono, and crank up the
volume a bit, but it's hand held, or you can ware your iriver on your arm,
and record!
I'm guessing this would work great for the braille note Mpower!.

I also purchased the stereo oak mic. This is a similar mic, but two mics are
housed in a small wooden cylinder which has a mini plug on one end.
I'm not recomending this one yet because I'm having a problem getting it to
plug in completely because of the little plastic protrusion between the
headphone and line in jack on the iriver 799. 
If these guys make corded mics which are as good as this mono mic, I'm going
to get a set.

Good luck!

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