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Hey Mr. Itilian,
Cool you got your own show on ACBR now! Does this mean Marlina no longer exists 
on Mainstream? Your bro in Christ,
Lino Morales and Louie Lab
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  So, who is your mobile phone provider?


  Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile?


  Well, for the sake of the show, I am a proud subscriber to VZW since December 


  Tonight, Jeffrey Pledger, a long time employee of Verizon Business, will be 
our guest.  In preparing for the show, I had the chance to read up and learn 
about Jeff who is a good friend, and I learned things about him that I did not 


  Ablenet TV, do you recall this?


  This was Jeff's project and he was the president of it until 2005.  Learn 
this and so much more about Jeff, his employment with Verizon and what he does 
for fun, tonight on ACBRadio, Mainstream, starting at, 1 AM UTC, 8 PM Eastern 
and 5 PM Pacific.


  The show replays every two hours, for those of you who want the chance to 


  Immediately following "The Guerra Show" is Sound prints with Michael and 
Carla.  Tune in to the exciting two hours of content tonight, on ACBRadio, 


  Read below how you can participate, and enjoy.


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  Stephen Guerra, Host


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