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My apologies, Catherine,  


I guess I got confused or something.  When I think of RSS I think of BLOGs
and news feeds.  


As for pod cast receivers, the only one I have ever used, and loved by the
way, is Juice.  It is free and serves all of my needs.  


Click Here <>  to go to its download




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since the discussion is "on", what is good software or directions for

doing podcasts?




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> Hello Kelly,


> The answer to your question is not a simple one because there are 

> hundreds

> of RSS feed readers available.  


> In order to begin the selection process, you must determine how you 

> prefer

> to receive information.  For example, some people prefer to use a 

> local

> application that is installed on their PC in order to read while 

> others

> prefer online RSS aggregators so they can access their news from any 

> online

> computer.  Still others prefer to use their mobile phones to 

> retrieve

> information. 


> Personally, like you, I do not enjoy accessing RSS feeds through PC 

> web

> browsers such as Fire Fox or Internet Explorer.  I'm not sure why, I 

> just

> never took to the idea.  I much prefer to use the RSS reader on my 

> mobile

> phone to scan for interesting articles.  


> It is all a matter of preferences.


> So, determine how you would like to access RSS and then Google RSS 

> plus the

> method you prefer.  By the way, Google has a very good RSS reader, 

> if memory

> serves. 


> Good Luck,


> Mark


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> Hi,

>    Other than the Live Bookmarks feature in Firefox, which I don't 

> care for,


> does anyone know of any good extensions for reading RSS feeds?

>    Thanks.


> Yours Sincerely,

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