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  • Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 01:31:09 -0500

Hi Shelly and List,

For JAWS users of Outlook Express, there is a very useful and very under 
publicized feature that you can set up to accomplish a reply to sender.  You 
must assign a keystroke to it, but if you do the following procedure once, you 
can use the hotkey to copy the sender's e-mail address, open a new message, 
paste the sender's address into the To field and place the cursor on the first 
line of the message text edit area.

1.  From within Outlook Express, press insert + keyboard 8 for the keyboard 
2.  you are in the keyboard manager and will be highlighting Outlook Express;
3.  press the tab key once to the list of assigned and unassigned hotkeys;
4.  arrow down to the entry that says, "reply directly to sender' (9 presses of 
the letter R may get you there faster);
5.  By default, this will say none or no keystroke or unassigned;
6.  press control + A for the add keystroke dialogue;
7.  you are placed in an edit field where you can press the desired hotkey;
8.  use your own judgment in assigning a keystroke that will not conflict with 
others (usually JAWS won't allow this anyway) but for the record, I chose 
insert + control + shift + R;
9.  tab to OK and press enter;
10.  press control + S to save the settings;
11.  press alt + F4 to exit the keyboard manager.

Now with one simple keystroke, you will avoid posting personal messages to this 
or any other public lists and will eliminate the necessity for such off-topic 
messages as we see--including this one here <guffaw>!

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  I've noticed lately that a number of people use this list to send  messages 
to other individuals. These messages are almost always free of content that 
others on the list can use. Unless I miss my guess, each and every one of us 
has a personal e-mail address. So please, dear blindcasters, if you have a 
message for one person on the list, won't you just e-mail that person? 

  With humble thanks, I remain yours in clutter,

  Shelly Brisbin, Writer, Editor, Geek for Hire

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