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Hey there, Lynn.  Sure appreciate these resources.  Another great site to
check out is  It's hosted by Jim Williams and I've
corresponded with Jim and let him know that there are blind listeners.  He
has a mail list you can subscribe to which tells you wne his next weather
and the media broadcast is, they're generally quarterly.  He also does live
coverage for all hurricanes during hurricane season.  He also covers other
severe weather outbreaks with live broadcasts, you can subscribe to hear
archived broadcasts for $10 per year which is quite reasonable.  Jim's
e-mail address is Jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  I'm certainly a follower of severe
weather and would like to find more audio sources on the internet.  Thanks
so much, have a great day.  Brian Zolo

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Admit it.  You're a bona fide weather weanie.  You don't just want to know 
what the forecast for today is.  You want to know the story behind the 
weather.  You hate the destruction storms cause to innocent people, but if 
this were the true confessions list instead of the Blindcasting list, you'd 
have to admit that you're in awe of the awsome power of Mother Nature and 
the wrath she can bring.  You are one of a handful of people who actually 
cares about what happens to the National Weather Service, you love hearing 
the adventures of professional storm chasers, and you lie awake at night 
pondering the significance of the North Atlantic oscillation changing from 
negative to positive.  Well, here are a few podcast recommendations from a 
fellow weather nerd, complete with the URL to put into your pod 
catcher.  Enjoy!

Pod Weather (Internet Partnership Radio)
This is by far my favorite podcast for in-depth weather discussions and 
analysis.  It is a collection of podcasts from amateur and professional 
meteorologists which includes Today In Weather History, Center Of 
Circulation, Weather Brains, Winter Round Table, Talkin Tropics, Severe 
Weather Central and many others.  They sometimes put some weird stuff at 
the beginning of the podcasts which you can fast-forward through if 
necessary.  I would recommend going back through some of the previous 
episodes as well.

WRBN.Net Podcasting
This is the feed of the Barometer Bob Show, a weekly program discussing 
past severe storms and hurricanes, as well as future weather 
trends.  Again, I would recommend listening to some of the past shows as

StormWatch Report, The Weather Channel Podcasts
This is a short podcast which is aimed more at the general public, but it's 
a good feed to watch for the national severe weather outlook.

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