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  • Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 17:48:57 -0600

I'm just saying that he will get out of Prison and he very well could do this again or something like that. How many criminals do we know who get caught and after a few years or even a few years they are released and do the same thing again? I think it's great this person got caught. I am just saying look out. He might come at us again when we least expect it. Or he might have another friend who knows how to scoop email address and freeze eloquent, and so on.
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Are you expecting him to be beheaded?
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On Apr 30, 2006, at 2:06 PM, Kevin Wassmer wrote:

Who's to say he won't be released from behind bars and do the same thing in the fuchre?
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Subject: The idiot has been caught

Hi, Perhaps you've already seen this, but in light of the problems this idiot was causing regarding the Elloquence and JAWS crashing incidents a while back,
I thought I catch you up on this post.
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It came in at about 2 AM this morning Pacific time.

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The following is from: "Chetan Bakhru" <DrunkenMonkey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I've combined several posts to make this message.
Larry Gassman
Hi all,

Well, good news... I did it! I just received a phone call from the ISP of
our friend who has been attacking us... he's been put behind bars and his
cable internet service has been shut off! I want to thank all of you for
putting up with all of the problems we've been having and staying with us
this past month. I also want to thank Neal and Larry for all the hard
work they've been doing for Blind Cool Tech; I find this list to be a
helpful resource and I love all the podcasts. Hopefully the list will
operate normally now without any problems. While this guy has been
caught, it doesn't mean he doesn't have friends who could do the same
thing... but let's not go there right now. The server seems to be
functioning normally now. If y'all still have trouble with messages
getting through please let me know.

Someone asked how he was caught:

Well, he attempted to destroy peoples' computers with the Audio Magic
virus; that was one of the crimes. I spoke to several times
and they were able to trace the file back to his cable line (the guy told
me they could even trace it back to a dial-up line and they said that
this was very common). They also found traces of him sending messages
through their servers (his ISP's I mean) to disrupt other web sites and
mailing lists. I also informed them about the spoofing of e-mail
addresses. I don't want to reveal to much info here, but I'll say that
the guy is from China and is 28 years old. also kept an indefinite log of the files this guy uploaded
to them. They told me they wanted me to keep them posted on how this
situation develops, so if you guys see any weird stuff in the future then
let them know.


John Gassman mailto:jjgassman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Recognition Of The Problem is 51% Of The Solution

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