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How about Neospeach?  
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  Hey all,
  Do you know if Kevin Mitnik is still band from the net? I know he was the 
world famous hacker some years back. I was talking to my wife Julie and I made 
the comment that I wish  Freedom Science Friction would get rid of the 
Eloquence speech engine for good. If I had DecTalk I'd be in Heaven. Take care.
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    The thing that worries me, is that this guy is in China. I don't know how 
the rules are over there. But I can guarantee you that in the states, he would 
be out in about a year, or less, perhaps more. If he has a good aturnie, and 
other things going on. I agree with Jeff Bishop here though. He should be 
banned from the internet for a few years. Perhaps several.
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      It's this kind of quivering and quaking that gives crackers like this 
their jollies. Be glad the guy is "behind bars" and hope for a trial and 
conviction for crimes committed. Be on your guard, and pressure companies who 
produce software you use to do the same. That's all you can do, but you should 
do no less. It does no good to lie awake at night worrying about the bogey man. 
In fact, it does a lot of harm because criminals and mischief makers thrive on 
your fear. 

      On 4/30/06, Kevin Wassmer <commanderlumpy2003@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
        I'm just saying that he will get out of Prison and he very well could do
        this again or something like that. How many criminals do we know who get
        caught and after a few years or even a few years they are released and 
        the same thing again? I think it's great this person got caught. I am 
        saying look out. He might come at us again when we least expect it. Or 
        might have another friend who knows how to scoop email address and 
        eloquent, and so on.

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