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Or better yet Gary, get XM or Serus Satellite radio.
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Yes! I have digital cable, and therefore, have a number of music channels to choose from! But maybe I could save money, get rid of digital, and get an fm transmitter; therefore, I could find a wealth of stations to listen to right from the computer. Loll!
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Thanks, Steve.

Not listening to the radio nowadays is a good thing, LOL.

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Here Here!

I'm also very glad part 2 of the Celtic music program came down the pipe
this week.  I love listening to that and the filk stuff you did a couple
weeks ago was fantastic! I've got to go after those additional sites and
podcasts out there.  Gee, if I load myself up with enough musical
podcasts, I won't have to listen to the radio at all anymore:) except
for news and sports.

On Thu, Feb 09, 2006 at 11:08:09AM -0600, Shane Jackson wrote:
> Hey there, Julie. Somebody needs to congratulate you on the list, and
> me be the first one to do so. Your Celtic podcasts have been so very
> and the throat-singing podcast was just totally awesome. I've been
> collecting Tuvan music for years, along with other music from the > Andes
> Celtic stuff. Thanks for a great podcast!!! Everybody on the list > who
> loves music should be listening to you guys!

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