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Hello Guys!

I was checking out Skype Mobile and decided to install it on my Cingular 8525 
PDA.  I logged in with my desktop Skype account and my regular skype screen 
came up, with all of my contacts, phone and skype ones; however, Skype informed 
me that my cell call would not be free.  I signedup for the yearly free rate 
and use it on my desktop normally.  On my PDA, I have Media Net and a 
fully-paid Internet Account.  It's on a mobile device, but Skype to Skype and 
US/Canada phone calls of all types should be free; shouldn't they?  Am I 
limited to one Skype Session at a time; can I have both Skype mobile and Skype 
desktop going at the same time.  I guess that, in a way, they are different 
things, but my paid fees should be on both, since I signed on under my account. 
 Should I get two separate accounts, one for mobile and one for desktop.  What 
about this log on anywhere to talk?  Do I have it wrong?

Clarification Please; somebody.

James Robinson

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