Skype On Notebook and using Skype as mobile phone source

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Hello List!

I have lots of friends who use Skype and I stay in contact with them a lot 
during the day.  I have had trouble trying to get Skype for Pocket PVC to work 
(never getting it to contact or work at all), so I take my notebook to work 
sometimes and use it and my Verizon wireless card to connect to the internet.  
The problem is, I have to keep the notebook open while I am using it.  I was 
wondering if there is a way to use a notebook with the top closed and locked 
while you are riding the bus and connect to cell phones, house phones, and 
skype/MSN/Yahoo while riding the bus; also answering calls this way as well.  I 
don't want to have to open notebook on the bus or plane.  I was just thinking 
that it could work pretty good and save me some money when making calls to U.S. 
and Canada telephone-wise and skype to skype PC-to-PC contacts.  I guess I just 
want a notebook cellphone and be able to use skype on the go.  

Oh by the way, I am using Code Factory's Mobile Speak Pocket on a Cingular 8525 
PDA that I had Skype Pocket installed on, but had to uninstall because I never 
got it to work.  Then when I got my Toshiba, which I love, I figured it might 
be a way to do it with this notebook.  The toshiba is a little big to carry 
around, but I can carry it in a bag on my shoulder and interact with it via 
some kind of wireless keyboard or notetaker (Impower or Pac Mate or something). 

Am I whistling dixie or can this be done.

James Robinson

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