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Hi, the Station Play List studio and Station Play List Creator are both very accessible, well at least the version 3.2 that I have. I'm not real sure about the newer versions, but Ross had made it a point to pay attention to accessibility, so that's what I would recommend to you.

Oh, and by the way, I never needed any scripts to run them.
Hope this helps a little.
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Hello everyone,

   I'm on the verge of purchasing radio broadcast software for use during
convention streaming and other purposes. Before putting the plastic down I
wanted to find out if you have found the Sam Broadcaster or Station Playlist
family of radio station software more blind-friendly.

Right now we're leaning towards Station Playlist; particularly since there
are JAWS scripts available for it. Has anyone created similar scripts for
the Sam Broadcaster? I thought I heard that someone produced podcasts
demonstrating these products. If so can you tell me where I can download
them from?

Thanks for the advice and assistance. Your thoughts and feedback will
greatly aid our final decision. All the best.

Peter Donahue

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