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does skylook work with outlook exress do you know?
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That's certainly one way to do it; just use any external recording
device.  If you wanna record with your main computer that runs Skype,
you can use Skylook.  Jeff Bishop used it some a while back.  Might
wanna check with him to see if he still uses it.  If you do go that
route, you have to have Microsoft Outlook installed and then Skylook
ties into Outlook.  I haven't done it yet but am thinking about it for
the future.  Some people have tried Total Recorder but had mixed and
sometimes, unfavorable results.


On Thu, Mar 30, 2006 at 01:58:43PM -0800, John Gassman wrote:
One of the recent Disney podcasts I heard contained an interview which sounded like it was done with Skype.
I emailed the host and asked him what he used to make the recording.
He answered:
I am using Skype. I run my microphone in to the line-in on my computer and run the audio output of the computer into my iRiver recording device.


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