Recording Skype calls with Freecorder 2.30

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  • Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 15:20:17 -0700 (PDT)

Freecorder 2.30, Windows Home XP SP2, Audigy LS creative sound
card, JFW 7.00 screen reader, Skype 1.4+.

Been using Freecorder 2.30 for 2 weeks now. You can record Skype
calls with Freecorder to do podcasts style interviews like Leo
Laporte does with Steve Gibson as an example.

I use the paid version of Freecorder here.

You can use Freecorder to do podcasts like those being done by
some on Blind Cool Tech where many users demostrate how to use a
particular software program.

It records in 64 kbps or 128 kbps .mp3 format.

Screen Reader Access Issues:

2 buttons are not labeled on main interface of Freecorder. They
are working on this. They fix Replay AV and Replay Music for us
so I expect the same here with Freecorder.

One button is read as "X" button and this is the button for
registering the product with a product key. You use the space
bar to access any of the buttons not the enter key.

Use tab key to move from button to button on main interface. The
arrow keys work also to land on the buttons.

After pressing the space bar on the X button one is presented
with an edit field box to enter the product key - no problem
here - but no way to find the register button or it could be the
submit button. The jaws cursor doesn't work either. If you know
how let us know how to find this submit button. I had to get a
sighted person to click on the submit button.

They will fix it. They did this with their Replay Music
software. Same issue.

On the main interface of Freecorder there is a Record and Pause
button. You press the space bar to activate these buttons. So
press space bar on the record button to start recording. To stop
recording press the record button again with space bar. Note: to
a sighted person the record button says stop button but for us
it still says record button. They will fix it.

The same goes for the pause button as it says resume button to
sighted users. they will fix it.

In the Settings button dialog there is a checkbox to choose the
record Skype microphone.

Everything works great for me. Recording with Freecorder and
recording Skype calls.

For me only:

Within Skype 1.4, Tools Menu, Sound devices, there is a check
box that says "Allow or let skype adjust sounds devices setting"
I have this checkbox not checked. then choose the save button.

Works great.

The above are only my views. I know there are other products out
there but this one is very simple to use. Only my opinion. 

Applian Technologies has been great to me and other blind pc
users. They make super products and have excellent tech support.

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