RE: Recording Skype Calls In Applications Such As Goldwave, CastBlaster, etc.

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Yes, I have used Talking Communities before and it is quite accessible.  But
sometimes I will want to record Skype calls or the telephone.

I first played with Hot Recorder that I initially found on The Desert Skies.
It seems to have no keyboard support, but I was able to use the jaws cursor
to find the recording and stop icons.  However, it natively records in a
proprietary format (sort of like a play list) and I was never able to
navigate to or play any of the recordings it made.

Right now I am playing with a piece of software called Sound Tap from:

It has very good native accessibility built in.  All the buttons speak, etc.
The hardest part was figuring out where it stores its files (its in My
Documents and then Recordings folder).  It natively records .wav files.

I have only been playing with it for 20 minutes.

It seems to work best so far if you don't have jaws as well as other
applications speaking through the same sound card.  E.g. right now my Jaws
is speaking through a USB Griffen Technologies Imic, and the rest of Windows
audio is coming out of the laptop built in Sigmatel on board  sound card.

When I had Jaws and Windows audio going through the SigmaTel I got some
distortion of the Jaws and crashes of Skype, but again that was just one
session, and not even tested after reboot.

One obvious question this raises for me is how do you tell Jaws what sound
card you want it to use.  What I have done is to boot up the computer having
the Imic USB device plugged in, and then Jaws comes out of the headphones of
the Imic usb device.  Even if I switch the "play" sound to the on board
audio, Jaws continues to play out of the Imic usb device.  This
configuration (Jaws to USB Imic, and rest of audio to on board sound card)
seems to work best with Sound Tap.



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Hi Mika,

You definitely want to stay away from Power Gramo.  I currently have a 5
user Talking Communities chat room which includes very good recording
capabilities, so if both users are PC based, well, you're all set.  It would
be wonderful for interviews, so long as both parties are fine with half
duplex communications.  Better anyhow; no wworries about people talking over
each other.

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Subject: Recording Skype Calls In Applications Such As Goldwave,
CastBlaster, etc.

> Hi,
> I am wondering if anyone can recommend a good way to record Skype calls? 
> My
> sound card does not have the "what you hear" option which I imagine 
> might do it.
> I have been looking on the web, and none of the solutions seem that great.
> Many of them require that you do your recording in a specific program, 
> etc.
> I did check out Hot Recorder, but I could not figure out how to save 
> files.
> You also must use the jaws cursor quite a bit in hot recorder.
> I am also playing with something called Virtual Audio Cable Which is 
> some kind of shareware software mixer.
> But I'm wondering how people here record Skype?
> Thanks,
> Mika

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