Re: Recording Skype Calls In Applications Such As Goldwave, CastBlaster, etc.

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hi Darrel

Yes, the registration process of Power Gramo is quite a bit difficult, but it works very nicely for me. The program itself is accessible with a bit of ccursor routing here and there. and if you can copy the information down that the guys send you via skype chat, then you can get around the registration process. It is ddifficult, but not *impossible*.

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Hi Mika,

You definitely want to stay away from Power Gramo. I currently have a 5 user Talking Communities chat room which includes very good recording capabilities, so if both users are PC based, well, you're all set. It would be wonderful for interviews, so long as both parties are fine with half duplex communications. Better anyhow; no wworries about people talking over each other.

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I am wondering if anyone can recommend a good way to record Skype calls? My
sound card does not have the "what you hear" option which I imagine might do

I have been looking on the web, and none of the solutions seem that great.
Many of them require that you do your recording in a specific program, etc.

I did check out Hot Recorder, but I could not figure out how to save files.
You also must use the jaws cursor quite a bit in hot recorder.

I am also playing with something called
Virtual Audio Cable
Which is some kind of shareware software mixer.

But I'm wondering how people here record Skype?


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