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This is Elmer Slentz again. I neglected to mention, Melissa, that after you use control-V to paste the URL in, then press "tab" until you get to the "Save"button, and press "enter on that.
This should finish the process. Thanks.
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I want to subscribe to this feed, but I have ipoder and can't remember how to get the feed in ipoder to download it.
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Yes, I subscribed to the DMCE podcast a while ago and am still trying to
catch up.  He is very interesting.  I liked his discussion on audio
compression; I know very little about this subject and would like to
learn more.  This was an excellent introduction to the subject.  I think
I will be learning a lot from his podcast.

On Tue, Oct 04, 2005 at 02:51:05PM -0500, Shane Jackson wrote:
Hey there, all. You all need to listen to the latest Digital Mediacast
Experiment. It is chapter four of their How To Podcast series, and it
starts off with a clip from one of Larry Skutchan's podcasts! It's very
neat. The host then says how much he enjoyed visiting Larry's site, and he
goes into a great deal of explaining how he found Larry Skutchan's podcast.
He then talks for a while about how he thinks blind people access the
internet, and he even talks about how web design affects us as blind users.
You'll really get something good out of this one. Go and visit because Larry has the link to the Digital Mediacast
Experiment on that page. I don't have the direct URL, thus I recommend the
Blind Cool Tech site. Thanks so much, and I hope you all enjoy.

Shane Jackson
Hoover, Alabama, USA.
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