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  • Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 11:32:58 -0600

Are the errors because of speech because the software thinks you have a debugger on your system? I got that with a program, it'd give the standard XP error and then say that it found a debugger that must be removed to continue. The trouble is that I don't know what it wants removed, since I'm not a programmer and have no use for a debugger anyways. My best guess would be that the debugging stuff is part of jaws, ad aware, spybot, or maybe my firefly remote control driver. They probably don't like jaws intercepting the video because it could some how be used to hack the registration, in their opinion. I'm not sure where to get a debugger scanner and remover, but I got Imtoo video to audio converter in lue of the Mediansoft that this problem wouldn't let me try, and it lets me convert everything in one operation, and doesn't complain about the software on my system.

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Please explain that a little further, would you DJC?

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I've noticed with some programs they will error because of the speech used So it may not be the program itself.

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On 11/14/2005 at 9:40 PM Sabrena and/or Chris wrote:

Oh, it's the usual error report thing I got ever since I installed my
Ipodder back in late May. I don't even remember the version number. But
especially if I totally close out of it using the system tray context menu

and sometimes when using the exit option from its own menu, I get the
report dialogue box. As I said, anymore I just tell it not to send an
report and it's closed.
If there's a specific error referred in the dialogue, I'll try and cut and

paste it here.

Well, I just closed it out and at least in the dialogue that came up there

was no reference to a specific error number or anything. Other than that
Juice works fine.


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Hmmm, very strange. I have seen errors on closing Juice, but not to the point of sending an error report.

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Sorry, I went too fast, in reading your last post.  I had the same error
report-- did the same thing too!  Well, Jeff keeps admonishing me to ask
some questions, so, I had better get to the woodshed and give out the


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Actually, it's Chris writing if you look at the bottom of the messages.
anyhow, I did uninstall Ipodder as instructed by Jeff before installing
Juice and it just purrs along like a fancy car. I still get an error when
try to close it from the system tray and sometimes when I shut it down
its own menu. Probably nothing I can do about that, so a minor annoyance.
just tell it not to send an error report anymore.


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Sabrina and list,,

That was my experience, as well, but, I did uninstall I podder, before
installing Juice!  It is nice to not have the tool start up all by itself;
in fact, I thought it was burning up CPU, before, and causing some freeze
ups, but, it could have been something else causing all of that, I am just
not sure. I have one question:  Is someone with our type of accessibility
problems already giving in depth tutorials (one would be Byron Lee), or
we still supposed to march along, step by step, "in the dark"?  Man,
Gratification takes too long!  Help!  Help!


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It did the same thing for me and I didn't delete the Ipodder folder at
However, one thing it did do was when the option was checked to not have
Juice run at start-up, it actually did what it was told and did not
automatically start when I booted the machine. Before, Ipodder would start
anyhow even though I had told it not to.


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If I'm not mistaken, I believe Paul may be refering to the iPodder folder that is left over when you uninstall iPodder, it can be found in
files. I deleted mine and when I installed Juice, all that happened was
that Juice asked me to confirm a few different file types that it could
catch, which I did.

At 05:43 PM 11/14/2005, you wrote:
Which iPodder folder are you referring to Paul?

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Hi, Jeff. So can you get rid of the ipoder folder once you install the
program and run it once?
Or do you have to leave that folder so that your feeds will be preserved?
At 11/12/2005 10:06 AM, you wrote:

>Major iPodder PodCatcher news everyone!
> >From the iPodder team:
>New name, same freshness - We squeezed iPodder out of our name. What's
>is... pure Juice!
>Yes, iPodder has been given a new name of Juice Receiver.  Click here:
>to download your copy.  All of the same features you have grown to love
>still here.  I will put the list of changes below for your review.
>some installation notes for this new version.
>Make sure to remove all copies of iPodder from your system before
>this new version.  The reason for this is that the new software
>into its own directory and therefore you will have Juice and iPodder
>at the same time.  Don't worry though, all of your download history and
>settings will be maintained as long as you do not remove the iPodder
>in your user directory.  If you don't understand this last part, ignore
>Here is the list of changes in this release:
>Note:  The issues of lockups that were reported on the BlindCasting
>on the BlindCoolTech list have been fixed even though they are not
>below.  Extensive testing went on by me personally to insure this (or
>least the lockups I saw).
>1. iPodder -> Juice name change.
>2. Expanded support for various one-click subscription mechanisms.  On
>Windows: a File Types tab in Preferences to set these behaviors.
>3. Clipboard support for feed/podcast URLs on Windows/Mac.
>4. Winamp support for playing and enqueuing files.
>5. User guide, linked from Start -> iPodder -> UserGuide on Windows.
>6. Downloaded files are named after the final URL instead of the
>when HTTP redirects are encountered.
>7. Enriched the history data we save, to allow us to support a number
>features.  For example, script-powered download URLs should work now.
>8. The history database cleans up after itself, deleting history
>items that are both old and no longer present in the feed.
>9. Allow re-downloading files that have gone missing by marking them as
>10. New languages: Danish, Basque, Finnish, Italian, Korean, Greek.
>11. Added support for password-protected proxies (HTTP Basic and
>12. Added support for password-protected feeds and downloads (HTTP
>Digest).  Please note: protected downloads must live on the same domain
>the feed in order for this to work.
>13. Download code now respects content-disposition header for download
>whose names are different than the URL at which they're located.
>14. Fixed BitTorrent abort/resume.  Partially downloaded BitTorrents
>show up with Partial status instead of Downloaded.
>15. Fixed a bug in Windows Media Player support that resulted in Date
>not getting set.  Date-based auto-playlists work now.
>16. Feedmanager OPML fetcher now runs in a background thread unless
>about to do a download run.
>17. Directory root for newly added directories, where we'll put
>that haven't yet been added to the stable release.
>18. Moved scheduler configuration data into ipodder.cfg.
>Download the release from my web site at:
>Happy Juicing everyone!
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