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Thank you for the advice. I'll check out the app and the blog you suggested.

Best Regards,
Gordon Fuller 

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For posting podcasts, I prefer
I use livejournal as a blog, but haven't tried using it as a podcast
Libsyn does cost $5.00 for the most basic features, but I feel it is
worth it.

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Hey Gordon. Podcasting is actually a very accessible medium for the
blind at 
this point. Many blind podcasters use to do their
notes and create the enclosures along  with to
their feeds. On the listener side, most people are using a program
Juice Receiver to download the podcasts. As far as media players, winamp
the ultimate in accessibility. Real player isn't that bad either, but my

personal preference is winamp because  it's a very streamlined
interface. If 
someone were to do naratives for video podcasts, just bake  the narative

into the audio of a video podcast, not  as a seperate track, but in the
mix itself. Hope this provides some helpful information. Have a great

Kevin Reeves 

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