RE: Question about the Podsafe Music Network

  • From: "Gordon Fuller" <gordon.fuller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2007 17:14:09 -0700

Hey Gang,

Can anyone tell me if you know of any accessible media players suitable for
a vision-impaired person?

Aside from 'Real Alternative's 'Media Player Classic' (great alternative in
place of completely terrible Real Networks' 'RealOne'), I am unable to use
most of these applications.

What I find is that the user interface fails to support the Windows
'Accessibility Settings' and screen readers (ZoomText v7). I get white
screens with little light blue letters -- a freakin' eye test!

I've been getting by with an open source all-in-one media player application
from 'Participatory Culture Foundation' called 'Democracy Player'. It
supports my color schemes but, the fonts on menus and controls are too small
and their is no support for screen readers.

I've pointed them toward the IBM Japan 'Accessible Media Player', developed
by a blind Japanese IBM researcher. IBM says that they are making it open
source -- so other media players/browsers like Democracy Player can
incorporate it into their application.

Democracy Player's developers say they will endeavour to make their player
fully accessible (a real first for me in all the years I've been advocating
accessibility in media players).

Would anyone else care to comment about their experiences with media
players/browsers? With your permission I would like to reprint any such
comments on my blog, "Fullervision'

I have a long standing anger of inconsiderate high tech companies and poorly
educated user interface designers. I try not to let it make me mean and
negative but, after decades of waiting for digital inclusion -- I could see
myself physically assualting somebody someday!

Fortunately, I am a Peaceful Warrior andm after writing all of my
explicitives, I usually edit them out. In any event, your good words and
advice will be appreciated (help keep me from being arrested at some future
developer's conference!).

Thanks for listening (literally)...

Gordon Fuller
executive producer,
Disability Media Institute

Check out my film "OUTSIDE THE BOX', 7 min. QT video:

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