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Thank you so much, Rich.  

This is great!!!

Most Sincerely,


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You don't need any access software for the r1.  The menus are verry 
accessible.  There are only 14 items in the menu.
Great r1 resources are at
Check out Rob's review of the r1.
Also check out my web site
A friend of mine Derek Lane also has an r1 and he sent me a text file of 
some r1 notes.  I have since posted it on my web site.  It lists all the 
menus and every thing.
Another very important note the menus don't wrap wich is great!!

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Subject: Question About the Edirol R1

> Hello Everyone,
> I just purchased the Edirol R1.
> Is there some kind of access software for it that I can obtain?
> Thank you.
> M*rk

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