Re: Promo for Google Word Verification Accessibility Petition sought.

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  • Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 11:32:42 -0800

if you do have a promo, please send it to me. I am always looking for promo's, 
so I can add them to my podcast.
So, if any one else has promos in mp3 format, send them to me at:
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  From: Don 
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  Subject: Re: Promo for Google Word Verification Accessibility Petition sought.

  I would all so like you to send me a copy of your promo, and we will run it 
on the blind handy man show, and the blind like me shows.
  We are brocasted on  A C B radio and on many reading radio services, across 
the States and Canada.  Send to 
  Thanks in advance Don,  P. S.  I just went and signed the partition.  Don 
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    From: Stephen Guerra 
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    Subject: RE: Promo for Google Word Verification Accessibility Petition 

    Daryl, when the promo is ready, I would like access to downloading it and 
incorporating in to my podcast

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    Subject: Promo for Google Word Verification Accessibility Petition sought.

    Dear Fellow Blindcasters,

    I would like to ask for your assistance in three areas:

    First, please sign the Google Word Verification Petition found at asking Google to make their visual 
verification accessible.  In addition, please spread the word on your blogs and 
    Second, a personalized letter is being sent to Dr. Eric Schmidt, Google's 
CEO, accompanying the petition.  This will be sent in two months or so by 
certified mail once we have garnered a sufficient amount of signatures to, 
hopefully, be taken seriously.  Please feel free to provide constructive 
feedback, or even proposed draft content, for inclusion in such a letter.  This 
is your open opportunity as a community to participate actively; please don't 
miss it!
    Third, please consider helping me devise a nicely put together promo for 
the petition suitable for play on podcasts.

    Please participate by writing me privately at 
editor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Thanks.

    Darrell Shandrow - Shandrow Communications!
    Technology consultant/instructor, network/systems administrator!
    A+, CSSA, Network+!
    Check out high quality telecommunications services at 
    Information should be accessible to us without need of translation by 
another person.
    Blind Access Journal blog and podcast:

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