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Hello Stephen,
This unit sounds great!!!
I would be willing to pay between $200 and $400 for such a device.

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Subject: Potential new digital Voice Recorder/MP3 player
Good morning to all--
I have a potential unit that I will briefly describe, that some or all of
you might find appealing.
Would you be willing to pay between  $200 and $400 for a digital recorder
and MP3 player that is completely accessible and is the size of a fat credit
Some but not all of the features are:
Records entirely in MP3 format,
Has two (2) hours of recording time on the internal memory of the unit
Can be used with SD Memory cards of all sizes up to 2GB
Ability to label the folders on the unit with your voice folder on both the
internal and memory card for better organization
The unit only has six (6) buttons for easy use
Has a rechargeable battery with AC Adapter for charging
Single push of button provides storage space available and status of battery
Manual for operation of unit available in MSWord format in the Internal
Would any of you purchase this unit and what would be the maximum you would
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