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hell, look at an ipod. you can get them for cheap as well.
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  A 12 gig flash card costs one thousand dollars? I can get an I river for a 
lot less than that that holds 40 gigs of material! I shutter to think what a 40 
gig flash card would cost. Maybe you'll be right in that flash cards will be 
the future, and maybe you won't. But if you are, those cards are going to have 
to come down in price big time. And when they do, there will be probably the 20 
gig one that is up near a thousand. That still gives the edge to the Iriver 340 
at 40 gigs for (and this is what I saw it for it could be cheaper) about 300 
  Looks like this flash card concept has a ways to go. For just books, it might 
be awesome, but not as an mp3 player for music and tons of albums.

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