Re: Podsafe for Peace Issues, the thread that doesn't die, etc...

  • From: Chris Skarstad <toonhead5@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 11:56:22 -0600

Hi Darrel

At 08:07 AM 12/13/2005, you wrote:
Podsafe for Peace is accessible to blindcasters either by way of an e-mail to Slau or by purchase from the web site. In all fairness to Slau, he is reasonably prompt in his response by blindcasters, providing a link to the song within approximately 90 minutes of my request. This remains far from the equal access Jeff provided, or which would be provided had only the developers of PMN appropriately considered the need for accessibility during the design and implementation of that service! A task a sighted person is able to accomplish within five minutes required more than 90 minutes for a blind person to be permitted the same result.

How is this so awful? 90 minutes is not so long to wait. At least we have access to the track!

No it's not a perfect solution, but it is not a bad one, and as I said before, we get the track,and at least Jerry/slau is providing an alternative solution to get it.
The track is also available via paypal on the website, so again I ask, where is the problem?

Darrel continues...

Most of the blind community is squarely opposed to me and all for which I stand. I am apparently "militant" and unwilling to work cooperatively with others to achieve accessibility. The blind community will prop up any blind person who accomplishes something, even if that person failed to appropriately consider the needs of his own blind brothers and sisters! The community will also quickly and easily slam anyone (over a single controversy) who is working very hard to look out for their accessibility needs without doing their research and having all their facts straight!

But Darrel, If you really want to achieve what you want, you need to be a lot less agressive!
you're laying it on too thick.
You're beating the crap out of these people and sending a message that everyone is this way, when in fact it isn't.
Like Jerry said, I don't think you realize how your words come across. Yes, you are certainly polite enough, but instead of laying into Jerry and boycotting the playing of the song and urging others to do so because of this access issue, why not focus your efforts on PMN to make them more accessible? Jerry has gone out of his way, far, far out of his way to produce this song, make it available via paypal on his website, and yes, make it available to pmn as well. It just looks ungreatful. You're slapping this guy in the face for something that really isn't his fault. He is only trying to work with pmn and comply to their wishes. You got a problem with pmn? then stop bugging Jerry and take it up with c.c. Chapman and work with him to make PMN accessible! It's all in the way you're going about it. We aren't upset at you for what you're doing, it's the way you are going about it, the way you're doing it.

For the record, some may consider portions of my accessibility evangelism to be "militant". I prefer to think of it as insistent. Of course, most of my work is actually quite conciliatory and diplomatic, working to raise awareness of assistive technology and accessibility, asking the mainstream technology industry to consider our needs for accessibility and rationally explaining the human rights aspect of insuring that the blind aren't simply left out in the cold while technology advances without us, thus threatening to destroy our ability to learn, work and enjoy leisure activities.

See, that's all well and good, i'm glad we have people trying to encourage the mainstream companies to consider the needs of the blind, that's a beautiful thing, man. It really is. But it's all in the way you go about it.

From this controversy, I have learned a couple of critical lessons. First, keep in mind that your private communications can be made public at any time and in the most inopportune manner possible.

It's unfortunate that it happened this way, but Jerry aparently felt it was an important issue to make public, so he did. he's the only one who can speak on that.

Second, the blind community is mostly made up of clueless, immature, selfish, sheltered, ungrateful people, living in their own little fantasy worlds, willing to attack, at a moment's notice, anything they do not immediately understand!
Wow, nice outlook, eh? If it were really that bad, why fight then? Why don't ya just give up and take your ball and go home.

Merry Christmas my blind brothers and sisters. Have a nice life in your shrinking, increasingly inaccessible world!

I can't think of a polite response for that one so I'll shut up now...

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