Podcasting and accessibility

  • From: "Barry Campbell" <jazzlion1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 18:02:05 -0500

  I have been reading this thread with interest and am on one hand
applauding Daryl for his commitment to accessibility and on the other hand
concerned that if we as blind persons push accessibility down the throats of
developers then we are only shooting ourselves in the foot.  I have not read
any of the statements by cc chapman or Adam but wonder why when PMN was
created why accessibility was not taken into consideration when Adam clearly
has been impressed by blindcasters in the past.  I also wonder because
Ipodder and Juice have been made accessible to us.  It is important to let
pmn know that we as blind persons are concerned about equal access and want
to work with them on making pmn accessible but also we should patition Adam
and cc and the entire pod show team that if they are interested in making
any future programs or application available that they might consider hiring
a person with a background in programming for disabled persons.  They might
consider contracting with persons on an as needed basis to test any new or
existing application to point out ways to make these systems accessible.

Jeff I know you don't want any talk about this on this list but I feel that
this topic was relevant when it was brought up but went off topic when all
the hostility began.  

     Clearly we as blind  persons must insist that applications be made
accessible because  pod casting has become the Television for the blind. 

Barry Campbell
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