Re: Podcasting Recorders?

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what type of mixer do you think would be good for basic sound recording? I also want to get into podcasting, could someone tell me how to do it, step by step? I want links to places I can go ect.
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You can get a mixer from any audio store, whether online or brick and morter. Some examples are Guitar Center,, etc. I got mine from the Carvin web site. However, I wouldn't recommend that approach because at an audio store you could compare brands.

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where can one get mixers from? thanks.

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I agree it should be a public discussion.

I personally don't find a computer and mic good enough for the sound I want to produce. that's just my not so humble opinion, of course. What I use is a Scheur mic and a Carvin mixer going into a minidisk recorder. Minidisk involves the extra step of then recording onto the computer. I like the removable storage, though, as opposed to wave or mp3 files.

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I think it's something we could all learn from, so this should be a public
If I'm portable I use my edirol r1 but many use one of the iriver flash
based recorder. When portability isn't important, I just use my pc. There
are many programs you can use to record like audacity though that's not very
accessable, or soundforge or studio recorder, there's a beta of that free to
try at
that and a sound card and a microphone will work fine.

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Hello Everyone,
I would really appreciate it if people would e-mail me privately, and tell
me which recorders you use to do your podcasts, which recorder you have,
your likes and dislikes about your recorder, where you purchased your
recorder from, the price of the machine, and if you bought any accessories?
You can e-mail me at:
Thanks So Much!

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