RE: Podcasting Recorders?

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  • Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 17:04:40 -0500

I'd love to hear what plugs into which on a mixer.  I have one of those
inexpensive Radio Shack mixers.
Debbie Hazelton

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where can one get mixers from? thanks.

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> Kevin,
> I agree it should be a public discussion.
> I personally don't find a computer and mic good enough for the sound I 
> want to produce.  that's just my not so humble opinion, of course.   What 
> I use is a Scheur mic and a Carvin mixer going into a minidisk recorder. 
> Minidisk involves the extra step of then recording onto the computer.  I 
> like the removable storage, though, as opposed to wave or mp3 files.
> JulieMelton
> visit me at
> Keep smiling!
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>>I think it's something we could all learn from, so this should be a public
>>If I'm portable I use my edirol r1 but many use one of the iriver flash
>>based recorder. When portability isn't important, I just use my pc. There
>>are many programs you can use to record like audacity though that's not 
>>accessable, or soundforge or studio recorder, there's a beta of that free 
>>try at
>>that and a sound card and a microphone will work fine.
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>>Hello Everyone,
>>I would really appreciate it if people would e-mail me privately, and tell
>>me which recorders you use to do your podcasts, which recorder you have,
>>your likes and dislikes about your recorder, where you purchased your
>>recorder from, the price of the machine, and if you bought any 
>>You can e-mail me at:
>>Thanks So Much!

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