Podcasting EASI In Your Pocket!

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  • Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 00:31:01 -0800

Hello Everyone:

This is Mickey Quenzer.

I got this email, and thaught that you might be interested in this new podcast.

Easi: Equal Access to Software and Information begins Podcasting EASI In Your 

The Web has long enabled all of us to access information from around the world 
and to access it from any where and at any time so long as we were sitting at a 
computer and connected to the Internet. Podcasts now let us take online 
information and load it into a personal pocket-sized device and listen to it 
any where and any time so long as our batteries have life in them.

EASI launches its first weekly podcast series on January 11:

Barrier-free Information Technology Tips and Tricks

Do you have trouble reading manuals for your computer, cell phone and other 

Do you have trouble with user unfriendly software, Web pages and device menus? 
We will regularly provide tips and tricks for both beginner and advanced users 
to remove barriers to your getting the full use and enjoyment of today's and 
tomorrow's technology

These podcasts will be kept to about 15 minutes in length and will be posted at 
least once a week. The series will provide information for the general user of 
information technology on tips and tricks to use computers and similar devices 
more efficiently. We will also include information about more efficient use of 
special adaptive technology applications that support users with various 

You can subscribe by going to:


or you can paste the following URL into your agrigator:


In the near future, EASI will launch other podcast series to accompany this 
initial feed.

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