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Hi Julie! That's one of the great things about podcasting, the experience you get along the way!
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I think you're right about podcasts. They seem so much more personal than other media. Also, it's exciting because you never quite know what's going to happen on a podcast.

As a podcaster, I see that part as an opportunity to learn and then pass on that learning. I've done a lot of research on music and literature, and I see my own tastes changing and expanding too.

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Hi all! Since we've been involved with listening to or doing some podcasts, it might be interesting to hear what people think about this phenomenon, especially since we've been involved with this for a while! I know I probably sent a personal message to Debbie about her podcasts, but it gave me an idea to ask this question. I would think that podcasts are like personal gifts that you open and listen to when you want to!

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