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I just downloaded Pod nova and wonder if there is a quick and easy way to move all of my subscriptions from Juice to Pod nova without entering them in one by one.
At 04:35 PM 8/27/2006, Jeff Bishop wrote:

iTunes is probably the most widely used application for those that are able
to see that pull down podcasts.  Internet Explorer 7.0 will have RSS
capabilities and it may allow for downloading of podcast content, we will
see.  Then there is Juice and Podnova, both one in the same.  Actually the
Podnova is a later version of Juice 2.2 with bug fixes and enhancements for
the Podnova web site and frankly is probably the way to go now since Juice
development has stopped for all practical purposes.


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What all kinds of devices can be used to receive podcasts?  Can an I-Pod be
used?  I am asking because I am a professor here at Western Kentucky
University, and I plan to use podcasts in conjunction with some of my
classes this fall, and I am wondering what all kinds of devices the students
might have that they can use to receive my podcasts on.

I know they can use their desktops and laptop computers if they have the
right software, like the Juice program, but what other kinds of devices and
programs can be used???

Ron M.

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