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Hi Jennifer! That would be an interesting program!
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I thought some of you might be interested in the following excerpt.

- ISSUE 72, DECEMBER 2005.

Technology news for people with vision impairment
Sponsored by RNIB (


+03: 'Podcast' on Assistive Technology for Schools Goes Live.

A series of monthly online audio broadcasts or 'podcasts,' informing
teachers, students, parents and administrators on the use of assistive
technologies in schools and colleges, has gone live.

The service, entitled Building Educational Success Through
Technology (BEST - )
provides ideas and resources on assistive technology in education
including news and product reviews. It can be played online using a
media player such as 'real player' or 'itunes' or by downloading it onto
a personal mp3 player, allowing listeners to hear shows at any time
they choose.

"Podcasts are an innovative way of providing global access to
information and are available to anyone who has access to the
internet," said Brian Wojcik, Coordinator at the Special Educational
Assistive Technology department at Illinois State University. The
department collaborated with local education authorities and a
Chicago-based cerebral palsy charity.

In future, a 'call for help' feature will be added, Wojcik said. "The aim
of this is to provide a way for listeners to call in with questions or
issues they are facing regarding using assistive technology with
children in early childhood, in secondary classrooms or the home. We
will attempt to provide answers or provide a forum for others to."


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