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   Howdy Shane,
Like Hank Williams sang once before, I'll "Move It On Over". Your brother in 
Lino Morales and Louie Lab
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Hello, all.  The BlindWorld Blog and Podcast has a new home.  It is
  and the new podcast feed for you all to use is
   The old Live Journal will stay up for a while, and I intend to
bring back some of the older podcasts for those who missed them.
Also, no new podcasts will be added to the Live Journal after the
short one I just posted.  Please come on over to the new feed and get
ready for the new and improved BlindWorld BLog and Podcast.  I'm using
a program called MarsEdit to upload posts to my blog, and it is so
cool.  We'll see you all in the next entery, and thanks for your
continued support and for subscribing to the new podcast and blog.
Shane Jackson
Vestavia Hills, Alabama, USA.
Email:  jack728@xxxxxxxxx
Skype ID:  cadal728

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