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Good going Shane.  Glad the podcasting bug has bit you again. Lol
 And I'm about to put out podcast 16 this weekend.  So I'm catching up to
I used to tell my older sister that one day I would catch up with her and
then I could tell her what to-do. Lol  Good going.

Debbie Hazelton
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Hello, Listers.  I have just completed Podcast 22 of the Blindworld Podcast.
It has been quite a while, but I'm back.  I am on my new HP laptop, and the
fan noise is pretty bad, but the Podcast is still a good one.  Can't do
anything about the fan noise, as I don't have the funds to purchase Noise
Reduction for SoundForge.  In any event, on this episode, we take a long
look at a Bible software package.  That package is called Theophilos, and
you can get it at after you listen to the Podcast,
or while you listen to the Podcast.  I trust that you will enjoy this one,
and I am going to do more as subjects present themselves.  Thanks, and
everyone have a fine weekend.

Shane Jackson
Hoover, Alabama, USA.
Amateur Radio Station: K4JSJ
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