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Hello debbie, wow, 12 podcasts all ready?
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Oh man! After all these years of singing I can get soooo perfectionistic!
I sang at a church today and decided to tape it on the Iriver. Accompanied
by Vic Glazer, who I told you about in the last podcast, we did a medley of
"Silver Bells" and "White Christmas", and then, I did a very funny piece
called "The Twelve Days After Christmas." It's pretty funny. Then Vic
played "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas." And I chatted about the
season and this and that.

We have more music from
<a href=" Andre Lewis</a>

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Thanks so much for listening and for your enthusiastic support and interest!

Happy Holidays!  Happy Holy Days -- whatever they may be!
All best
Many Blessings!
Debbie Hazelton
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