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Hi Jeff,

What is the correct url? The one in this message didn't work this morning when I tried it. Thanks,
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We got it working late last night.

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Hi Debbie,

I tried the feedburner url in my podcatcher but it didn't work. You might
try checking it and fixing it. Thanks,
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Subject: Podcast 1 is here!

Yahoo!  I hope I'm giving you all the correct information.  Jeez I never
thought I'd get this first podcast done.

Well I didn't get everything right the first time with the Iriver but I
think the sound is still pretty ok.
The first one has some commentary about my work, some funny things that
happened to me last week, and an interview with licensed nutritionist
Cimorelli. (I'll have to check the spelling of her last name.)
I think the feed is
Or you can get the file at

Wow did Jonathan teach me a lot with Sound Forge.  Still tons to learn.
I have to go find some of the Pod Safe music, I know.

I think, I hope that's all correct! Lol.  Podcast 2 is already in the
with a great interview I did yesterday on laughter therapy!
So keep laughing everyone!  It's one of the best things we've got going!

Oooo time to eat!  It's been a long labor! Lololol

Deb Hazelton

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